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Precision Agricuture


System X114

System X350


From basic lightbar guidance to high-accuracy autosteering, Topcon's precision systems are designed to increase productivity and reduce costs for today's operators. Topcon consoles provide easy-to follow visual aids and job information for maximum control and efficiency. The controllers are easy to move from machine to machine, so you can use the systems for all your farming applications.

From simple GPS to multiple-constellation systems, Topcon lets you start with the basics and upgrade capabilities as needed. Topcon's multiple-constellation satellite technology receives signals from all available satellites - now and in the foreseeable future. More satellites mean improved accuracy, better reception around hills and trees, and 24/7 round-the-clock operation.

Step up as needed from standard WAAS and EGNOS. Accuracy upgrades include OmniSTAR-HP or RTK using 900 mHz, digital UHF, or GSM/CORS networks with up to 2cm accuracy.