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System 114 

Entry level console with high-end performance

The System 114 is a On screen Guidance system for manual steering, designed to increase productivity and reduce costs. The on-screen display can be viewed in heads- up north-up and perspective modes . The virtual road and on-screen indicator provide unparalleled in-field precision while on-screen visual aids give you job information for complete application accuracy. This product features a look and feel that is consistent across the X family of consoles and provides users with a progressively improved experience as the console size expands.

Topcon’s X14 console provides an entry level solution for those seeking visual guidance and/or auto steering on a budget. Featuring a bright 4.3” full color, sunlight readable touchscreen, on-screen lightbar and a form factor very similar to Topcon’s innovative X30, the X14 offers powerful 3D graphics for manual guidance, coverage mapping and auto steering applications.

The icon-based, user-configurable interface offers a full range of pre-configured guidance patterns and offers easy setup on leading manufacturer vehicles including tractors, sprayers and harvesters. Best of all the X14 grows with your needs, from low-cost manual guidance all the way up to RTK accuracy for ultimate precision performance. Combine the X14 with Topcon’s SGR-1 receiver for a simple and easy-to-use manual guidance solution. Combine the X14 with Topcon’s AGI-4 GNSS receiver/steering controller for low-cost, high-accuracy autosteering. For high accuracy autosteering on non-steer-ready machines, add Topcon’s AES-25 Electric Steering System. AES-25 provides hydraulic performance with electric convenience and is capable of 2cm RTK accuracy.

X14 features include:

- 3D Graphics via 4.3” (10.9 CM) touchscreen
- On-screen navigation menus
- On-screen lightbar
- Modular design (independent of GPS)
- Steering patterns: A-B Line, Identical Curve, Pivot, Guidelock
- Automatic Sprayer Rate and Section Control via optional ECU*
- Coverage Mapping
- Return to Point
- Receiver compatibility with Topcon SGR-1 or AGI-4
- Compatible with Topcon AES-25 Electric Steering System
- Multiple language capability


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