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Concrete Testing

ELE International designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of concrete sampling and testing equipment to meet this requirement in accordance with international standards for both field and laboratory testing.

ELE’s concrete testing equipment is designed to ensure that these different types of concrete can be tested to ensure that they meet the specific requirements of each project.

ELE’s comprehensive range of concrete compression machines are able to test concrete, mortar and cement samples such as cubes, cylinders, flagstones and beams, and accessories are available for testing the flexural and transverse strength of concrete samples.

ELE provides crack detection microscopes, and a (Schmidt) rebound hammer for measuring surface hardness and penetration resistance. In-situ water permeability equipment is available in addition to ultrasonic test equipment for the inspection of internal condition.

Testing Equipment covers :

Concrete Air Entrainment

Concrete Compression ADR Auto V2.0 2000

Concrete Compression ADR Touch 2000 & 3000

Concrete Density of Fresh and Hardened

Concrete Standard Compression Testing

Concrete Surface Hardness