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Soil Testing

ELE International designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of soil sampling and testing equipment to meet this requirement in accordance with international standards for both field and laboratory testing.

ELE’s materials testing equipment enables the accurate classification of soils and the measurement of key parameters such as moisture, density, shear strength, permeability, bearing capacity, compaction and CBR, consolidation, Atterberg limits - shrinkage limit, plastic limit, and liquid limit, particle size distribution, sand equivalent value, slope stability, triaxial soil strength, pore water pressure, effective stress, soil chemistry and much more.

Providing everything from a simple pocket penetrometer to a sophisticated triaxial soil testing system with control and data acquisition software, ELE soils testing equipment includes all of the equipment necessary to run standard test methods in the field or the laboratory.

Testing Equipment covers :

Liquid Limit

Automatic Soil Consolidator ( New )

Particle Size Distribution

Automatic Compaction of Soil

California Bearing Ratio

One Dimensional Consolidation

Geotechnical Testing

Plate Bearing Test